About Me

I’m Heather. I was born in 1986 and since then I’ve had a lot of unique life experiences, some great, some tragic, and some just fucking weird. Something that gets said to me a lot by the people who know me is “Heather, that would only ever happen to you”.

I grew up poor in an abusive, alcoholic household. I was a queer kid being raised by my Southern Baptist church in the Bible Belt. Then I was Marine for ten years, a female Marine, and closeted for over seven years by Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. During all this I had a genetic disorder that was fucking up pretty much all my body part, but I wouldn’t find that out until I was 30, when I was finally diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome. I’ve struggle with mental health most of my life, I talk about that a lot. Lately I’m just a jobless 30 something trying to figure out what the fuck to do with my life. Sometimes I travel, sometimes I almost die on other continents. Mostly, I just watch TV.