Wynonna Earp Live Tweeting (Using Tweetdeck) For Beginners

Not that I’m an expert.

Ok, first thing’s first, you can’t really live tweet unless you’re using Tweetdeck  which you have to do on your computer.

Go ahead and open Tweetdeck now (sign-in with your normal Twitter account) and don’t panic if you don’t like what you see, it’s all customizable.

We’ll go back to tweetdeck later, but for now go to my Twitter Profile.
This step is optional, but if you want an easy way to follow the cast and writers so their tweets aren’t getting lost in the noise, following my lists (or making your own) is the best way to do that.
Click on my lists on my profile and it should show all of them. I circled the two lists I recommend subscribing to. Once you click on the list the option so subscribe should be in the upper left.


Ok, now back to Tweetdeck. The basic premise is that you can have several columns to follow many different things at once. I don’t know what it is going to default to, but don’t worry, we’ll get it how you want it. And you’ll probably have to use it a few times before you know how you really like to have it set up.
Here is what mine looks like.


First thing I would do is get rid of the columns that you know you don’t want. At the top of each column are those two lines with circles. Click on that for options, one of the Options is Remove.
Once you’ve got rid of some noise that you don’t want, time to add in what you do want. 4

Let’s start with adding the lists you may have subscribed to. Start by clicking on the + on the main tool bar, that should bring up the choices shown in this photo. When you click on List it SHOULD show any lists you have or are subscribed to. If you subscribed to a list and don’t see it there simply refresh the whole page and try again, it should be there now.  When you click on a list it will automatically pop up as a column.

Ok, now lets add a column for any hashtags you want to follow (#WynonnaEarp).


To do this use the magnifying glass in the tool bar type ‘#WynonnaEarp’ and once you hit Enter it should automatically pop up as a column. The columns populate in real time, but you can click on them and scroll through them if you want, also if you scroll down a bit, that should freeze it until you scroll back you.

That pretty much covers getting the content that you want, but you still need to get the look you want. 6

The columns can be moved back and forth to get them in the order you want (handy for me because I have more columns than I can fit on my screen at once). Just click and drag the little vertical bars at the top of the column (circled in red above) and drag it where you want it.

Now for the most important thing, actually tweeting. That part is pretty simple.


Click on the little feather thing at the top of the tool  bar and it will open up a place to compose your tweet.
DO NOT FORGET THE HASHTAGS. They autopopulate for me after I start typing, but I’m always afraid to accidentally pick one that is misspelled so I usually copy them and just past them into every tweet, some people set up hot keys for them, some just write a bunch of draft tweets with the hashtags then use those throughout, it’s a matter of personal preference.

I’m sure I missed some stuff, so after playing around with it for a bit let me know if there is something that you can’t figure out.

If you found this helpful, feel free to go here and buy me a “coffee” (sandwich).

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