Keeping Up With The Earps: 3:02

Thank you to everyone who offered feedback last week! Here we go again.

There is A LOT going on in this show and it’s very easy to miss something that could be important. Since I have little else to do besides rewatch and think about Wynonna Earp, I thought I would offer up this kind of “cheat sheet”. It’s broken down into two main sections, first a look at the specific episode, the second part is kind of a deep dive into mysteries and clues surrounding all the main characters and entities.

Disclaimer: Nothing included in this post should be taken as absolute fact. Even information that I took directly from the show is stated as I see it and is in no way endorsed by anyone officially linked to the show.

Notes on 3×02: No more pain. No more drugs. No More Demons.

There are plenty of fleshed out recaps and reviews of Wynonna Earp, besides, if you need a refresher, the best thing to do is just watch it again anyway. So let’s just talk about what really counts from this episode, which is that the group suffered the loss of one of their own.
Dolls had been keeping a secret from the rest of the team, except of course for Jeremy who was trying to find a way to avoid the inevitable. Jeremy thought that the whole team should know how dire the situation was, but as Dolls told Waverly, “It’s hard to tell people the truth if you know it will devastate them”. Dolls knew his time was up and with a knowing smile to the woman he loved he went out in the most “Dolls” way possible, protecting his family.
Before the moment when nothing else seemed important, Waverly was once again dealing with a sense of heartbreak and betrayal after learning that Wynonna has kept their mother’s whereabouts from her since day one.
Oh, and we’re only two episodes into the season.

Gems You May Have Missed:

  • Wynonna gets up the cliff and says “what kind of savage does this for fun?”. The Haught kind apparently.
  • Last week I thought Jeremy was acting weird when Doc found him in the basement. Now we know why.
  • Wynonna tries to change her own memory to make her cooler by saying that the band she wanted to see was The Pixies, but imaginary Mama reminds her of the harsh truth, she wanted to see Hanson.
  • When Wynonna is hanging upside down there is a funny call-back to Goononna when she compliments Doc’s jeans and asks if they’re new.

Answers to questions you may have:

  • The tape recorder that Wynonna used to trick the revenant came from the truck when she was “taking inventory”. Wynonna had the tape-recorder when she was talking to Dolls in the truck in 3×01. I assume it was part of the “files” on Michelle.
  • The guy that got found Waverly in the cabin and promptly got dead is the son of the hunter that flagged Nicole down.

Favorite Lines:

Ever seen me move when I’m pissed? I’m a friggin’ snow cheetah.
Jiggling C-cup? Breast…breast alligator. Booby munch.
Three cheers for kegals.
Waverly… She’ll be cold.
You’re a grown woman with the figure of a tiny Amazon.
I will be down and back before you can say “redheads do it better”.
He hates the woods, I’m not leaving him here alone.
Michelle and Waverly: He’s at peace now
There’s no more pain. No more drugs. No More Demons.


The Big Picture

My attempt at the timeline:

  • Bulshar entomed: approx 130 years ago
  • Wyatt died: 1929
  • Willa Born: 1987
  • Wynonna Born: 1988*
  • Waverly “Born”: Sept 8 1994*
  • Mama left: 1999**
  • Attack on the homestead: May 2000
  • Wynonna comes of age: 2015*
    *What we know for sure is that the attack was in 2000 and that Wynonna was 12 and Waverly was 6 when it happened. Keep in mind when doing the math, that Emily wrote the pilot in 2015. It all falls apart if you try to use the air date for the math. Also, because the month someone is born can mess up the math, this is all kind of give or take a year.
    **The original line was that Waverly was 4 when Mama Earp left, making me think it was two-ish years before the attack, but in 3×01 Wynonna says that Mama had only been gone six months when the Homestead was attacked.

Season Three Credits Breakdown:

  • Angel with one wing in an old cemetery. Surrounded by several dead looking trees. When we zoom in the the angel is wrapped up by a large snake.
    – This should be especially interesting to folks who subscribe to the “Waverly is an Angel” theory.
  • More ugly trees, the biggest one in the forefront has half a face

Main players: What we know about what we don’t know

Most of this will be things that were shown or stated in the show, however I am including theories that I feel strongly about, those theories with be in italics. Anything that was added since the last post will be in bold.

Mama Earp aka Michelle Gibson:

  • Mother to Wynonna and Waverly. *
  • Rodeo star in 1996
  • has been in prison since she “left”.
  • specifically told her family not to tell Waverly where she was.
  • Based on the voiceover at the end of season 2, she has knowledge about Bulshar
  • Hears voices that talk to her about Bulshar, Wynonna calls this “new”.”
  • Doesn’t want to leave prison.
  • I refuse to believe that it’s a coincidence that Mama Earp and the Widows wore the same perfume (I don’t know how to spell it…Shalotel?).
    *Michelle clearly considers Waverly her daughter, whether or not she gave birth to her is a debate for further down the page.

Wynonna Earp:
– Most of the mystery surrounding Wynonna has to do with the years she was away from Purgatory and doesn’t seem like it’s going to have much of an implication on the show (I’ve heard it’s explored more in the comics).

  • Earp heir
  • Great hair
  • Mama specifically wanted to make sure Wynonna could survive by herself.

Waverly Earp-ish:

  • We know she’s not an Earp, but it’s still up for debate if Michelle is her mother or not. We know Mama referred to Waves as her “angel” and when Wynonna is leaving the prison Michelle shouts that her “daughters” are off limits. I tend to believe that Michelle is her mother, one of the things I base this on is reading interviews where Emily specifically talks about the mystery of Waverly’s “father”.
  • I agree with the popular theory that she is not 100% human, even though we know she’s not a revenant. There have been a lot of possible clues that allude to this, most notably possible hints about her being an angel.
  • Bobo referred to her as “kin”.
  • Promised to Bulshar by Bobo.

Xavier Dolls (Deceased):
Like Wynonna, there are plenty of questions, but I’m not going to dig TOO deep unless I think it’s going to have an impact on the show in the near (this season) future.

  • taken as a child by BBD (per Ewan in S2)
  • Is what Black Badge made him (a dragon).
  • Whatever BBD was doing to him, made him “unstable”.
  • I think he has more of an interest or more knowledge regarding Nicole than he has let on, but I’ll talk more about that in Nicole’s section. 

John Henry Doc Holliday:
Like Dolls, there are plenty of questions, but I’m not going to dig TOO deep unless I think it’s going to have an impact on the show in the near (this season) future

  • Knows “Countessa” from his past, seems to care at least a bit for her “what have they done to you?”
  • Went to hell when he died in the AU. Is super emo about it.

Jeremy Chetri:

  • has some kind of psychic* abilities, likely stemming from an accident he and his mother were in when he was a kid.
    *maybe not the right word, but they shown times where he knew things that it didn’t make sense for him to know, like that “Wayhaught” needed Doc to meet the baby or when his groin told him Doc was alive.

Nicole Haught:

  • Says the first time she heard the name Bulshar it “twigged” something in her. She also had a panic attack when she saw Bulshar’s mark carved into a body at a crime scene.
  • Feels like she is “supposed” to be in Purgatory. Feels like she has been in Purgatory before.
  • Dolls picked her to keep Bulshar’s ring safe.
  • Has a key to Dolls’ place. (per Yarn text convo)
  • Is “the” Cult of Bulshar survivor. Up for debate if she’s saying she survived one of the massacres or if she escaped from the cult. The way she tells Waverly that she is “THE” survivor seems significant, like there might be more meaning behind it then her “just” escaping the cult. 
  • I think there is something to the fact that Dolls was so eager to do whatever it took to save Nicole last season, even going so far as to say he would “order” Waverly to hand over the third seal to save Nicole. I also think his eagerness to have Nicole working on the Bulshar stuff is worth noting.


  • vampire
  • knew Doc in their past. Seems to care at least bit for him saying that what they did to her was something she didn’t want them to do to her.
  • admits to Doc that she did come back “for” him.

Bulshar/ Cult of Bulshar:Cult

  • Entomed for over 130 years ( I know I should know the exact time, but I can’t find it).
  • Somehow makes creepy trees, that are probably people, pop up all over the place.  I assume that is what he is doing with the Vampire at the end of 3×01 “You will show others the path”.
  • Specifically wants decedents of the Original Families of Purgatory.
  • Per texts convos from Yarn: People have going missing in the woods. We don’t know what happens to someone once the trees get them, but based on at least one of the victims the trees could be targeting the Original Families for Bulshar. Claude Simone was one of the people who went missing and according to Waverly the Simones “have been in Purgatory forever”.
  • The victims at Pussy Willows were killed within seconds of each other, not simultaneously. The killer was something that could move lighting fast, later revealed to be Beret Demon (killed by Dolls).
  • There have been massacres linked to the Cult of Bulshar every 7 years since at least the 1920s. BBD file started in 1926, but the massacres were likely happening before that. It appears that Beret Demon was carrying out massacres on Bulshar’s behalf, but the possibility exists that he wasn’t the only one. 
  • The massacre at Pussy Willows took place less than 7 years since the last massacre, probably due to the fact that Bulshar has risen. 
  • Per a BBD file shown on Yarn there was a massacre in 1996 at a family campground in the GRT. The incident was a fire and ruled a natural disaster with “no survivors” (hmm interesting) The file also includes pictures of “new” bushes which were burned, as well as Bulshar’s mark in a tree, unburned.

Black Badge Division:

  • Supposedly a highly classified branch of the U.S. Marshalls, but as we according to Agent Moody BBD “isn’t a government agency, never was.”
  • They disappeared from the Ghost River Triangle
  • Early members include Robert Svane aka Bobo Del Rey.
  • All the main characters except for Nicole have signed a contract in blood.


Ok, friends, that’s all I have for this week.  Feel free to discuss theories in the comments. If you think I got something totally wrong from the show that I should correct, please offer proof. The format for this is still a work in progress, if there is something you think should be taken out or something you think should be added, please let me know.

If you hated this, keep that to yourself, I’m sensitive. If you enjoyed it and would like me to continue, please let me know by liking, commenting, and sharing it on twitter.

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