Traveling Earper : 2018

I took five trips this year, all of them motivated by my love for Wynonna Earp and Earpers. Here’s a totally self-indulgent recap.


First stop was Calgary, Alberta, Canada to visit the set of Wynonna Earp.  Don’t worry, no one likes me enough to just invite me to set, I was the highest bidder in a charity auction. This lovely day cost about $10,000. I also got to hang out with some awesome YYC Earpers. This post has the full recap of the trip.


In April it was Las Vegas for ClexaCon. This Con was pretty hectic this year, so my disabled ass was just trying to stay awake most of the time. As a result of exhaustion and frankly alcohol, my time in Vegas is mostly a blur. The last day I was in Vegas isn’t even a blur, I got fucking roofied at BRUNCH so that day is just a black hole (don’t worry, nothing terrible happened, but I did miss hotel check-out by some hours). There were a few great moments before that though. The highlight and moment I had been looking forward to the most, was “chatting with” Chyler Leigh…ok, so I was sobbing more than chatting, but it was still wonderful. I have never come close to tears when meeting a famous person, but I knew it was going to happen with Chyler. Hanging out with Stephanie Beatriz at hotel bar was pretty fucking epic too. She’s such a gracious, funny, down-to-earth human and I wish I could hang out with her all the time. 

My proudest moment of the Con was this “prank” I played on Emily Andras. I might be the only one amused by it, but I’m VERY amused by it.  Obviously I know how Emily feels about “Fandras” and I know that if you go to her wearing a Fandras shirt, she will deface it. I decided it would be hilarious to buy two Fandras shirts just so that after she defaced one, I could reveal a second. 


June was down to my favorite city in the country, Austin, Tx for the ATX Festival. This was my first time attending a festival like this and I truly loved it. It was so chill and I got to hang out in my favorite city with so many awesome Earpers. I even ended up on the same flight out of Austin as Tim Rozon and got to enjoy a wonderful conversation while we waited on our flight. 


Toronto in August for EH Con Canada. I love Canada and I loved this Con. My health wasn’t great and got worse as the Con went on, but I still had so many wonderful interactions with Earper friends old and new. The first thing I said to Chantel Riley was “first, can I just say that you are freaking gorgeous”, then she comes back with “look who’s talking”… guys, did Chantel “Smoke Show” Riley just call me gorgeous? I could not deal. I tried to knock out most of my autos/selfies at the same time on Sunday since I was working, unfortunately that’s when my body decided it was done with my bull-shit. I was on the verge of passing out, shaking, and just trying to stay upright when I went for my selfies with Mel and Kat. When I got to Kat I pretty much just asked for a hug. Sadly this was also when I met poor Dani Kind and Kate Drummond for the first time. I couldn’t think or speak clearly so…I’m sure that was an experience. 


Last, but not least, Minneapolis. Another great few days with my favorite people. Please read “The Red Wine Story” (pictured above) if you haven’t yet, it’s a pretty thrilling saga of coming together as group and ultimate betrayal. Another Con where my health had a big impact, in general I couldn’t stay on my feet for more that a couple of minutes. I even totally blacked out as I walked up to Kat and Dom for my Photo-Op. This is something that happens a lot when I go from sitting, laying, or squatting (what I was doing in this case) to standing and it’s usually not very serious, but when it’s happening I can’t talk so I think everyone involved was a little freaked out.  


I wish I could find/share all the pictures I have with Earpers from this year, but then I would feel like I was leaving out all the amazing Earpers I’ve met, but don’t have a picture with. So these pictures represent a very small percentage of the many interactions with Earpers in 2018 that I cherish. Every person that stopped to chat, or hug, or high-five you all mean the world to me. Earpers are my happy place and I can’t wait see you again or even for the first time. 

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