Season 4 Trailer Analysis

First off, this isn’t going to be pretty. I’m putting more effort into getting this up fast, than making it look good.

I’ve tried to give the glimpses we got in the trailer a little context by grouping together what I could. This isn’t a frame by frame, because there is just too much and it’s impossible to try to give everything context. So let’s try to make a little sense of everything we just saw.

There’s no way to tell what the actual order of events is, but for most of the trailer Wynonna is wearing a silver shirt and I think it’s safe to assume that will be what she’s wearing in Episode 1. We know she was with Nedley when we last saw her, but it looks like she’ll be reunited with other important people pretty early on.

Like, Nicole. Who, as many guessed she would, immediately punches Wynonna.

At some point (while in the same clothes) Wynonna and Nicole end up with new character, “Rachel” at an office then somewhere fighting some bad guys. 

Yes, I’m going picture by picture.

  1. Wynonna and Nicole
  2. Nicole sitting by a desk by who I’m pretty sure is “Rachel”, possible with a hood over her face.
  3. *Not from the trailer* Wynonna and Nicole in some office. I’m confident saying that the person to the left of the image is “Rachel”
  4. The three of them seem to encounter some trouble.
  5. Like I said, trouble.
  6. Nicole shooting. “Rachel” behind her.
  7. Is Nicole fighting a zombie?
  8. Same room as before. “Rachel” fighting someone.
  9. Same room again. Wynonna tossing what I think to be a pipe bomb.
  10. Fly-nonna

Oops, also, Nicole falls down a deep hole.
haught fall

Let’s move on to whatever this place is.

We see the interior, which has pretty blue lighting and beams of light and the exterior which has red doors and snow…because no matter where in the universe they are, they’re still in Calgary.

  1. Who effing knows. The thing behind them looks like some sort of control panel and even if I were smart enough to make sense of the engraving on the thing behind them, I can’t see them clear enough.
  2. Yes, nekky Nicole appears to be in the same room with the light beams.
  3. I’m just guessing that this is the same general area as the blue room based on who’s there and what they are wearing.
    Turns out that the red door at the top of the stairs that led Waves and Doc to the Garden are part of a bigger network of magic red doors and for some reason Doc and Waves are tossing Wynonna through one.
  4. Waves…just included it because it appears to be from the same general time.
  5. Definitely in the area of the doors….WHY is Doc hitting Jeremy?!
  6. And here we have what appears to be Waverly melting Doc’s brain. I don’t know whose feet those are to the right. Those aren’t the shoes Wynonna was wearing when they showed her at the door.


Let’s move on to AU Shorty’s and what the fuck is happening there.


Uhh, hey Chrissy.

Why the fuck are people being hung outside of Shorty’s? Is Chrissy their leader? WHYYYYY are they trying to hang Wynonna? Whose side is Doc on?


Finally moving on from “when Wynonna was in the silver shirt”.

Wynonna and Jeremy are in some sort of armory, like legit, well funded armory. Jeremy is wearing a SUIT and Wynonna is wearing an official looking jacket with her name on it. Hmmm?


Now, I’m sure you didn’t miss the appearance of our beloved DFK.
au Mercedes
But did you catch that Doc is seen punching someone who was in the audience?

The person sitting in the bottom right of the photo is the same one Doc punches in the trailer.

That’s pretty much all I have for “themes”,  but just for fun let’s add a few more moments I found to be very interesting.


Like I said, the armory they were in is part of a well funded operation, as are these guys. Anyone else getting BBD feels?






Doesn’t take the new kid long to be admitted into the Homestead.






Orange is the new black?
I don’t know if it’s related, but we get a glimpse of Waverly standing in some version of Shorty’s near folks wearing orange outfits.




these 3There’s are lot of questions we could ask about this one, but the only question that matters is; is Waverly carrying a spoon?


2waves hitI know it’s wishful thinking, but is there any chance that is Mattie/Greta?


waterAt first this just seems like a very silly moment that couldn’t possible make sense, but what if that is Holy Water (because why else would she have a super soaker?). That would indicate that Doc is still, at least partly, a vampire.


waves home

And just because I wanted to end on this.

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