Twitter Q&A

Here are the answers to a few questions I received on twitter. Thank you to the people who humored me and asked stuff.

Question from @MirinaF: 
How did you feel the moment you knew that you could be yourself and not hide anything anymore in the military?
– You know what’s stupid? I don’t remember it very well. I just looked it up and it was signed into law in December 2010 and took effect September 2011. I just remember how is wasn’t a big deal, like so many people were acting like the military would just descend into chaos if gays were allowed to be open. It was so long overdue, I kind of just felt like “FINALLY”. I do remember the one thing I did to “celebrate” though, as soon as it went into effect I went on facebook and checked the little box that said “Interested  in: women”.

Question from @madh4tter404:
If you could have any job on Wynonna Earp what would you want to do?
– Oh man, I know nothing about tv. I would pay them to let me take out the trash just to get to see all the behind the scenes goodness. I think I would really enjoy being a consultant, since I was in the military and have government agency experience, I would like to just be around to help out with the accuracy of stuff like that. Haha, pretty boring answer huh?

Question from @amber_siero: 
Did you freeze when you met the cast at Clexacon? If so, how did you recover?
– Heh, I didn’t really. I’m able to be pretty composed when I meet “famous” people. I just met them and had pretty normal conversations with them. The only times I really lost composure and acted a bit silly were when I had been drinking…like during the Blade of Grass shenanigans at EarperCon. The biggest exception to me being able to play it cool is when someone surprises me. Like when Dom came out of nowhere and saw me as the grass before I meant for her too (when I walked in for the photo-op) and I basically yelled in her face “NO! You’re not supposed to see me yet, go away”.

Question from @Sugared_Fae:
Things that lift your mood?
– If I’m in a really low low, there’s not really much that can pull me out of it. But if I’m just feeling kind of bummed out seeing my niece is the best way to make me smile, she’s 16 months old and hilarious. Another thing that helps, and this is super conceded, is looking at feedback I’ve gotten on my blog or on posts about mental health. All I want is to be able to make some kind of positive difference, and now that I can’t work I struggle with figuring out how. When someone reaches out to me or tells me that my words had a positive impact on them, that’s the best feeling in the world.

Question from @escaped_reality:
Favorite experience with Kat, Dom or Emily at ClexaCon 2017?
– I know you said “or”, but I’m going to talk a little bit about all three.
Honestly the best part of the con for me was getting a chance to have a couple of really good conversations with Kat. I know that’s kind of vague and boring, it was just really cool to go beyond the standard fan type conversations and talk about real stuff. Of course something I noticed seeing her throughout the con was that she makes everyone she talks to feel special, she always seems interested and engaged no matter who she is talking to.
It was just cool to be around Emily in general. She’s so humble, I was constantly forgetting the she was the actual BOSS of my favorite show. It was just crazy to be like, “oh yeah, this funny, self-deprecating chick is the creator and freaking showrunner of successful tv show”.
Dom was funny because she refused to be really treated like a “celeb”, she just wanted to make sure everyone was having a good time. At the cocktail party thing I (and several people after me) offered to stand in line for her and get her drink and she literally stomped her foot and said “there’s no reason I can’t wait in line for my own damn drink”. Ha, then she asked someone what they were drinking as she proceeded to take a drink of the person’s drink. I wonder if that fan every recovered?

Question from @Kindnesskru:
Why did you decide to dye your hair purple (any special significance? favorite color?)
– I just LOVE purple, I don’t remember when or why I started loving it, but it’s by far my favorite color. The major reason I dyed my hair is because I had been in the military from 18-28 and because of the strict personal grooming rules, I could never do anything fun like that. So after I was out I just wanted to be able to do some of the “individuality” things that I couldn’t when I was younger. Sadly I think the era has come to an end since my hair stylist moved and I don’t trust anyone else with that much power over my hair.

Question from @Kindnesskru:
What would you cosplay as if you could cosplay as anything?

– The Blade of Grass was my first and probably last ever Cosplay. I don’t have the artistic ability or the confidence to really cosplay anything. I might do something like wear a lot of Fandras shirts to mess with Emily or something else silly and simple like that, but probably not a full on cosplay.

Question from @paradiseefalls:
Why the marines instead of the other branches?
– I hope no soldiers read this and hate me. It was never a real choice for me, I never once thought about any other branch. I didn’t just grow up wanting to be in the military, I grew up wanting to be a MARINE. I have no idea how I got it into my head when I was so young (like 12 or younger) that the Marine Corps was so superior, maybe it was just because I had seen the uniforms.

Question from @Kindnesskru:
What outfit and/or prop from Wynonna Earp would you love to own?
– I love so much of the wardrobe, but for THAT character, I don’t think I’ve seen anything that I would wear. So prop…? I’m not a big Harley fan so I’ll pass on Wynonna’s bike. I’ll have to go with Peacemaker, it’s too iconic, it’s basically another cast member.

Question from @Kindnesskru:
Did you train and serve with many other woman during your time in the Marines?
– Marine Corps bootcamp is gender segregated, so it was just females for that. Females make up like 7% of the Marine Corps I think, so we were very outnumbered in general. I worked intel though so there was a higher percentage of females than in most other job fields.

Question from @Kindnesskru:
What are some things that help you when you’re depressed and/or feeling anxious?
– I kind of already answered half of this in another question. When my anxiety is so bad that I can’t do things I need to do (make phone calls, run errands, open my mail, respond to messages, etc) the only thing that helps are meds, unfortunately the meds that help my anxiety also turn me into a couch potato so I still don’t get anything done, I just feel better about not getting anything done.

Question from @Kindnesskru:
If you could visit any city or country in the world where would you go?
– Ooooh, traveling is my jam. I’ve been able to visit a lot of places. Places that are still high on my bucket list are Bali and Patagonia in South America. In general I just love being places that are still deeply linked in to their history.

Question from @Kindnesskru:
If you could be any superhero who would you be? Also, who is your favorite superhero?
– When I was a kid I would pretend to be a Power Ranger. Um, now…I would be Wonder Woman for sure. And, I know she isn’t actually a “super”, but my favorite hero is Alex Danvers. I have never seen myself as much in a character as I do in her and despite not having any powers, she’s such a badass and will give anything to protect the people around her.

Question from @Kindnesskru:
Do you have any pets?
– I have a ball python (royal python) named Harry Houdini.

Question from @Kindnesskru:
What’s your Hogwarts House and Patronous? If you hate your Patronous what would you pick for it instead?
– oh no, I’m about to out myself…I’ve never seen or read anything have to do with Harry Potter. I tried to do a quiz once, but it was too dependent on knowing Potter lingo.

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