Today I’m Obsessed

It’s always something. For about as long as I can remember there has been something at any given time that I was such a big fan of that it took over a significant, possibly absurd, portion of my life. I develop a bit of an obsession. The object of my obsession will end up taking up most of my time, money, and energy. I’ll consume every related video on youtube, I’ll rant to everyone I know about it until they stop talking to me, I’ll attend as many events related to it as I possibly can.

I keep a record of my travels, a spreadsheet of every trip I take broken up into years. Looking at it is like taking a walk through the memories of obsessions past. Which is what this blog is, a look back at the things that have consumed my life and my savings account for the last decade or so.

Current Obsession: Wynonna Earp.
Biggest Obsession related crush: DPC
Obsession related travel: Five trips so far (including three countries). Three more trips currently planned.
Largest amount of money spent at once: $11,040 Canadian on a Charity Auction to visit the set.
Most prized Possession: One of a kind Pussy Willows shirt made especially for me by the show’s wardrobe darlings.
Social involvement: All of it. I had to make a second twitter. I talk to Earpers every day. I live tweet. Earpers send me mail, like real life mail. I have Earper friends from all over the world.
Best memory: I was about to give up and say that this was impossible, I’ve had so many special moments both with people involved with the show and with Earpers. Oddly enough, my for my best memory I was sitting alone in a room in Texas. When Season 2 premiered I had been going through one of the worst mental health periods of my adult life. During that episode I took part in the live tweet for the first time and I felt so much joy. Joy because of how much I loved this fucking show, joy because of how wonderful the people who make it are, and joy because I felt like I was truly part of something amazing with Earpers.

Now, I’m sure that at any given point in my life I would have said that whatever thing I was currently obsessed with was the best, most important thing I had every been obsessed with, but this show is. In the relatively short time since this has been my obsession it’s beat out the competition in every category. Most I’ve spent (in one go), furthest I’ve traveled (UK), and only time I’ve made a separate twitter account devoted just to one thing.

WoSo shrine
Ali Krieger, USWNT

Past Biggest Obsession: Women’s Soccer
Peak Obsession: June 2015 – March 2017
Biggest Obsession related crush: Ella Masar-McLeod
Obsession related travel: Eight Trips (Four states)
Largest amount of money spent at once: $750 (and I did it twice) on Ultimate Fan Experience tickets to USWNT matches.
Most prized Possession: A pair of Erin Mcleod’s (CanWNT) cleats, match worn during the Women’s World Cup in Canada in 2015.
Social Involvement: Eh, none really. I have a few friends that are into soccer, but we were friends before this obsession.
Best Memory: First time meeting Ali Krieger. Runner Up moments: every other time I’ve talked to Ali Krieger.

This isn’t to say that I don’t still love women’s soccer. I closely follow the U.S. Domestic League (NWSL) and the USWNT. I love WoSo, after watching a few games the sport became pretty easy to understand. Plus, it’s gayer than tv show could ever be and there are a lot of gorgeous soccer players. I’ll always be a fan, but when I’m obsessed, I’m obsessed and Wynonna Earp leaves very little time, money, or energy for other things.


Past Obsession: Lost Girl
Peak Obsession: Early 2013 – Late 2014
Biggest Obsession related crush: Zoie Palmer
Obsession related travel: Two Trips
Largest amount of money spent at once: $250ish(?) for a photo-op with the cast. But it took thousands in travel and lodging to get to Dragon Con just to see these people.
Most prized Possession: That photo-op. It’s hilarious. I had worked an overnight volunteer shift and was physically impossible of looking anything but miserable, so I just asked them all to look unhappy.
Social Involvement: A good amount of twitter, made some good fandom pals, and had some quality banter with Emily Andras
Best Memory: I know it should be Doccubus related, but it’s actually seeing Kris Holden-Ried at a Con two years after we had met. It was the most flattered I’ve ever been.

This was the most I had cared about a show since Buffy. I absolutely loved it and still do. The cast remain some of my favorite people, which was reinforced at ClexaCon.

Music shrine
Tegan and Sara

Past Obsession: Tegan and Sara
Peak Obsession: Summer 2007 – 2013
Biggest Obsession related crush: Tegan Quin 2007 – 2011. Sara Quin 2011-2013. Both still hot.
Obsession related travel: Between 13-16 trips. ~8 headline shows, ~4 Festivals or support shows, ~One movie screening.
Largest amount of money spent at once: $4,600 (or maybe $6,400… it was 8 years ago) on a charity auction for a meet and greet.
Most prized Possession: I have more signed Tegan and Sara memorabilia than I will ever know what to do with, but what means the most to me is just The Con the Album. It changed my life and redefined my relationship with music.
Social Involvement: I actually made a few friends through that fandom, people I traveled with and still talk to today.
Best Memory: The meet and greet that I paid an insane amount for. I spent a good hour just having great conversations with these incredible women that I idolized.

Tegan and Sara will forever be the most important music related artist to me. I have all of their albums and hope to see them live again. I’ve missed their last few tours, deciding a few times not to go because of being afraid of having to stand for hours, something I absolutely can’t do anymore.

Honorable Mention: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I don’t have any cool stories or photos involving the show, but it holds such an important place in my heart that I couldn’t just not mention it.
It aired from the time I was about 11 until I was 17. I don’t know how fandom worked back then before social media – I didn’t have internet anyway. I didn’t even have the channel it came on, I think I recorded the final season (ON A VCR!!!) at my grandparent’s and would go over there and watch it. Since it aired it’s achieved proper cult classic standing, but at the time I could have been the only person watching it for all I knew. This show has remained important to me for 2/3 of my life and nothing can ever replace it in my heart.

As always, thank you so much for reading. Feel free to hit me up in the comments or on twitter if you have any questions about my obsessions healthy amount of love for these things.

One thought on “Today I’m Obsessed

  1. Serial obsessions – I can relate! With me, though, it was obsessions for unavailable women. These feelings started in the 6th grade and were full-blown painful as hell by the time I quit high school. (Buffy was, and is, very important to me too, even though I was in my 40’s when it was on.) Gotta tell ya, this was fun to read. You write well.

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