Earp-a-palooza 2018: Wayhaught Panel

Transcript by Heather D.

Panel took place on 13 October 2018

Video: Earp-a-palooza 2018 – Wayhaught Panel


Moderator: Hi guys. This is the Wayhaught panel and I am your moderator, Bonnie Farrar. So as you can see from my shirt, I love Wayhaught.  But that’s not why I’m here because as much as I love Wayhaught and I’m sure you agree, I love the two actresses who play them even more.

[Audience cheers]

Moderator: Because as great as they are on-screen, it’s the way that they live their lives off-screen, the way they inspire us all, that make them…that makes me proud to be one their fans, so please, please help me welcome Katherine Barrell and Dominique Provost-Chalkley.

[Audience applauds and cheers]

Kat: That was really nice, thank you so much.

Dom: Yay.

[Audience cheers]

Dom: Hi, guys. Look at all the flags.

Kat: So, guys, we just had lunch – whoo there we go – we just had lunch and I’m feeling a little sluggish, you guys might be feeling a little sluggish so I think what we should do is we should do the wave.

Dom: What do we do? What do I do about this?

Moderator: You and I are going to do it, when it comes to the middle we’ll participate.

Dom: Ok, great. Standing in [unintelligible] ready to go.

Audience member: Do a sideways jumping jack.

Moderator: Sideways jumping jack.

Kat: [off-screen] Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.

[Audience cheers]

Dom: That was amazing.

[Audience applauds and cheers]

Kat: Do you want a flag?

Dom: Good for you. Good for you and running.

Kat: I feel awake now? Do you guys feel awake?

[Audience cheers]

Kat: Look it’s like we’re at the UN.

Dom: But way cooler.

Moderator: Way queerer.

Dom: There we go. Hi guys.

Kat: Hi.

[Audience applauds and cheers]

Dom: Hello. Yay.

Kat: *sigh*

Dom: *sigh*

Kat: Now I’m out of breath.

Moderator: You’ll catch your breath.

Dom: What is with this? Can I just say that it makes us feel like we’re at a…like we’re rock stars at a concert when you can’t see the audience.

[Audience cheers]

Dom: You know what I mean?

Kat: yeah.

Dom: Can we put the lights up? I feel nervous.

Moderator: You kind of are like rock stars.

Dom: K. I’m just gonna go with it.

Moderator: Okay, so I’m just gonna jump in…

Kat: Yeah, jump.

Moderator: Let’s talk about that finale for just a second…

Dom: Oh there we go, hello again (the lights came up).

Kat: Aww, there we are, that’s better.

Moderator: So in the finale, we get Waverly finally telling Nicole that she loves her.

Dom: I know, finally.

[Audience cheers]

Moderator: There’s…there’s a ring, um is that a proposal? Do you think that they’re engaged, like how did you interpret that scene when you read it?


Kat: I mean, I think that it was not super-premeditated, obviously probably would have chose something else.

Dom: Yes, definitely.

Kat: Yeah. I think the intention of it is there, the idea of “this is my person” is 100% there, but was Waverly thinking to propose? I don’t know if she was, she wasn’t planning on it.

Dom: [Laughs] Haha, Heather. **yes me**


Dom: I… when I read the scene… [to Kat] do you remember when you read it?

Kat: Yeah, I did, I was like “whooo”.

Dom: Did you, you were like “Ooohh”?

Kat: This is a big deal. Yeah. Can we just turn this down just a smidge, I feel like I’m yelling at all of you.

Dom: Just like, move it away a little bit maybe. There we go. But when I read the scene I was like “is this? Is it?”, like I really didn’t know, it didn’t like strike me instantly as a proposal obviously because of – I mean, I think it’s done in a way that is supposed to be like…you know, you guys probably know more than us, so I don’t know.

Kat: We may have shot an alternate, we shot a couple of different versions of that scene actually.

Audience: ohhhh

Dom: yeah.

Kat: We did.

Dom: We did. Yeah.

Kat: And it was up to the team to decide what they wanted to use, so.

Dom: Yeah. [nervous/excited Dom sound effect] That’s exciting.

Moderator: So like, alternates where you’re eating baby celery instead of baby carrots?


Kat: Yeah, celery, I had like a pickle at one point.

Moderator: Oh, okay. I like it, I like it.

Dom: I thought you hate pickles?

Kat: I do. I love pickles, Nicole hates pickles. Yeah.

Moderator: So, in season 3 we finally get to learn a lot more about Nicole and Waverly’s backstory, their past. Some pretty big moments of being a survivor of a massacre, being a literal angel…

Dom: Half angel.

Moderator: Half angel.

Dom: The other half is really not.

Moderator: And then you get this big promotion as sheriff.

Kat: Yeah

Moderator: So how do you think that these revelations are gonna affect Wayhaught moving forward, because those are some pretty big things to juggle.

Kat and Dom: Yeah.


Kat: A lot. I think one of the things would be – when I think about, if we go back to Purgatory as we’ve known it so far…

Dom: Oh god, I thought you were going to say something else! I was like…*slams hand on table*.

Kat: The whole thing is like, completely, I don’t know, I just feel like Season 4 is going to be…

Dom: Mental.

Kat: …a new world.  But I feel like from Nicole’s perspective it’s going to be hard – finding her work/life-balance is going to be even more challenging, which I think is something we can all probably relate to in our partnerships and stuff, because it’s hard. I think she has a super important all-consuming job and I think her making time for her  girlfriend is going to be a priority that I think is gonna be hard for her because she’s so in love with her job and the people she protects.

Dom: And she’s so in love with…

Kat: And she’s so in love with Waverly.

Dom: Ha. Yeah.


Dom: Yeah. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

Kat: Yeah.

Dom: I feel like we saw a really lovely side to the relationship this year and I have no idea what Emily has in store for us. I know it’s gonna be good.

Kat: I’m super intrigued.

Dom: Yeah me too. We’re like trying to get things out of her just like “sooooooo?”.

Kat: And she’s like “it’s gonna be crazy” as typical Emily.

Dom: Yeah, exactly.

Moderator: Well yeah, because you’re actually stuck in a garden at the moment.

Kat: I mean, I think it’s gonna be more…

Dom: It’s literal distance.

Kat: …for Waverly. Do you think [to Dom] I asked you this, do you think – I forget where we were – but I said “do you think that…” – last night, when we were watching the finale –

Dom: Yeah.

Kat: I said “Do you think Waverly’s gonna be mad or upset or have some sort of resentment towards Nicole that her father sacrificed himself?”

Dom: For her.

Kat: For her

Dom: Which I hadn’t thought about.

Kat: Yeah.

Dom: Very clever, this one. No really, clever.

Kat: Yeah.

Dom: But it’s so hard to know what’s gonna happen up there in…

Kat: In the garden.

Dom: …the garden isn’t it? Literally anything could happen, so it’s hard to say, but I have a feeling that obviously The Garden isn’t what we imagine. Someone said about maybe seeing Willa up there…

Audience: Ohhhh

Dom: Which would be interesting.  As much as obviously that is a heartbreaking reality that Julian sacrificed himself for you, I don’t – to be honest with you, I feel like her dad was in her life for a split-second and you are the love of her life, so it’s like…you are family to her and much more important in many ways. So I think that, in reality I don’t think she would actually be angry at you, ’cause I think she’d be a lot more hurt if you…

Kat: oh 100%, 100%.


Kat: I hope so.

Audience member: So would we!

Dom: Right? I know.

Moderator: Sticking on the season 3 line, when we were at EH Con, you mentioned that the Christmas scene, you were pretty proud of the way you chose to do the song at the end and you thought a lot about how you were going to portray that in a very different way. Can you talk a little about what went into that decision?

Dom: [to Kat] You wanna talk about this? I like it when Kat talks about this.

Kat: Okay, I can talk about it. Well, I think originally the idea was to recreate, or have a nod to the sensation that the Cheerleading scene, which is amazing and it’s iconic, but I loved what Dom did, and I thought it was very brave because she took a scene and I remember Dom saying to me, she said “I don’t want people who are watching this to think that a) this is necessarily what they have to do to be sexy or whatever. And b) if they do decide to do it that it’s not going to come off as this like perfect routine”. I mean, that’s doesn’t happen in real life, so Dom said “I just really want to play this sexy intimate moment, but for real how I feel it would really go down and the emotions that are really behind it”, which are mix of nerves and fear and slight embarrassment, but also like there’s a sexiness to that and I just think it was so brave of you that you said “I want to portray this moment, that we’ve seen so many times in so much different media, but I want to portray it in a way that feels more authentic.” and I loved that. I’m super proud of you for making that choice and sticking it out.

[Audience applauds and cheers]

Dom: You just start realizing when playing characters like this that representation is so important and that goes beyond representing the LGBT community, representing strong female characters, it’s like in every moment you have a choice as an actor to be like “how would this actually go down?” I want to play the truth so that people don’t get kind of misled about certain situations and yeah you said it all very eloquently so thank you.

Kat: Yeah, you did a wonderful job. And I remember saying to you – do you remember we were talking – I said “we’re gonna talk about this on a panel and it’s gonna be really awesome”.

Dom: Yeah.

Kat: ‘Cause I think this conversation is so important to have especially in a time where media is just so…everything is on the table – you can see… anything is a click away and I just think the importance of having sexuality represented and these moments represented in a way that is so much more true to how they play out in normal life I think is comforting.

Dom: I’m not gonna lie actually…

Kat: but you’ve done it before and you pulled it off.

Dom: No actually, it like…*eeeee* I actually had a rEEEaly terrible first experience with that kind of thing.

Kat: Really?

Dom: Yeah, I went to a musical theater college that- I don’t know if anyone had like Pimps and Hoes Parties – what in the hell is that? Can we just talk about that for a second? Does that stuff still go on?

Audience: Yes.

Dom: It does?!

Audience member: What is it?

Dom: Pimps and Hoes, you dress up as a Pimp or a Hoe, it’s pretty simple. Which is like outrageous when you think about it. It’s just an excuse for the girls to try and look sexy and the guys to, I guess, to enjoy that?

Kat: It’s gross.

Dom: Isn’t that gross?

Kat: It’s gross, yeah.

Dom: I think it’s an American thing, is it?

[Audience grumbles and laughs]

Dom: No, genuinely I think it is, but I didn’t mean that to be offensive at all. But we did it in England and everyone was a bit like “what is happening, I don’t know if this is a…” well anyway, I was not into it all, but my house-mate was like “we gotta go, we’ve gotta go”. She’s a proper lovely Northern Lad, she was like “come on Dom, it’ll be great. Yeah, get your tits out heyyyy” and I’m like “ohhh bloody hell”.


Dom: *name* if she’s listening, I bloody love her. Yeah. She wore nipple tassels only, strong look.

Kat: Wooow.

Dom: Yeah, Yeah, yeah. It was like pretty full-on and I was just like this insecure [awkward,uncomfortable sound] *uuuhhg* like thinking back to it. And anyway, my boyfriend at the time, who is now gay, so that just is always good.


Kat: I also have an ex-boyfriend who is now gay.

Dom: Yeah, good.

Moderator: So do I.

Dom: Yeah, Oh great. Look at us go. Rock on, I love it.

[Audience applauds]

Dom: But anyway, I dressed up, she got me a corset, a black lace corset, did not look good. And I remember just being like “what on earth am I doing?” like you know that feeling where like everyone is acting like this is normal that we just have to go and do this but I was like shaking. I walked through the door like [voice shaking] “hiiii guuys” in this black corset just like sad “can I get a beer”. Like I remember it being like one of the most horrific things and my boyfriend was there and I remember he – oh gosh it being like all shades of awkward and then everyone was like “tonight’s the night that you’re gonna *winks* and I was like “oh my god!” so we ended up going back to his – I don’t know why I’m telling you this entire story.


Kat: It’s good.

Dom: I realize now that I’m telling it, but I think it’s important because then….

Kat: Whenever you start anything with that “uuuhhg” I know it’s gonna be good, yeah.

Dom: But yeah, and then I got there and I remember being like “this is the moment that like I have to do the sexy thing”.

Kat: hmm mh hm.

Dom: And I just remember being like, I had my first ever out of body experience, don’t know if anybody’s had that, where like you see yourself as I was like mounting, being like…and I just remember feeling like the most un-sexy person in the entire world and then just giggling.


Dom: Which I don’t think is what you’re supposed to do, in retrospect.

Kat: Hey, there’s no “supposed to”.

Dom: And he was like this *imitates boyfriend’s face*.


Dom: And it was just honestly one of the worst experiences. So in many ways I hadn’t like linked the two together, but like…

Kat: until right now?

Dom: Yeah.

Kat: Wow.

Dom: Until right now, but maybe that’s why I felt so strongly about making sure it was represented in the right way. Cause the reality is all I wanted to do was be like “this is so awkward, can I go and take it off and come back in my pajamas?” cause that would make me feel better you know?

Kat: Yeah.

Dom: Yeah. Pimps and Hoes, who knew? Whoo, that was awkward.

[Audience applauds and cheers]

Kat: That was a very brave story.

Dom: Good times.

Moderator: Um, I don’t have a question to follow that one.


Kat: Bonnie’s like “where are my notes?”.

Moderator: Okay, this is…okay, alright

Dom: Yeah, sorry about that. Don’t know why I went off on that tangent.

Moderator: No, this sort of is going in the same way, I guess. You guys are so open and honest with us fans.

[Laughter and cheers]

Moderator: Um, sharing your stories and your awkward moments and your struggles with mental health and with just pulling back the curtains of your lives as rock stars and saying, “you know, we’re just like the rest of you guys, you know, and we experience the same kind of struggles, the same kind of insecurities, the same kinds of down days”. Melanie just did a tweet too the other day where she’s like “you’re gonna see pictures of me all dressed up at this event, but I’ve had a shit day” you know and I think that’s so important that you guys are so open and honest with us because you change all of us when you do that, you know?

[Audience cheers]

Moderator: It takes a lot of bravery and guts to do that, was that like a conscious decision  at some point along this journey to be like “I’m going to just put myself out there” or was it just kind of a natural…

Audience member: great question.

Dom: Very good question.

Kat: Great question, yeah.

Moderator: *relieved* woo.

Dom: For me, personally it has been a humongous journey since the beginning of playing these characters. I remember we used to stand up in front of people, I just used to be like “I have no idea how to do this, at all” and feeling like I had to prepare something to say because I felt so much pressure to make sure that it was the right thing, and constantly coming off and feeling super like disappointed at what I had said and being through this like real negative battle with everything. I know that Kat used to find it a lot easier to – [to Kat] we had this conversation not so long ago right? – but to speak publicly, however both of us have gone on a journey to realizing that actually all we need to do, because of the fact that we’re part of this amazing inclusive community that is so generous with their love and their kindness and support that actually the best thing we can do, like you were saying Bonnie, is to just be truthful about who we are and hopefully in some way that will affect change. And I think the more you kind of do that and you realize that you kind find comfort in that and that nobody’s going to laugh at you or if they do it’s because you say something ridiculous like a story of you being in a thing and whatever and that’s okay to. But yeah, that we’re all in this together and hopefully to inspire each other to be more open and to talk about those things in order to combat them, I’d say.

Kat: Yeah. Well said, well said. Yeah, I mean I think, I think too because now we’ve spent, we have a relationship, all of us, right? And so now I feel like it would be different if this was kind of a one year thing we did a few of these, but we’re seeing people frequently and I just feel there’s a natural progression of – I mean how long can you keep, kind of, that media facade up when you’re having such an intimate relationship with so many people? It would just feel really gross after a while, I think. And so, and I feel safe, I feel safe in the community, I feel accepted and supported and all the things you said. And I mean…I just…sometimes I think before I did a talk on personal struggles I had with anxiety and depression and I was really nervous writing that talk, and that was only a couple of months ago, because there was a part of me that felt like – not for you guys – but I worried about like being less hire-able, like some producer is going to be like “don’t hire Kat”.

Dom: What, really?

Kat: Yeah, that thought went through my head. I was like “this is so ridiculous”, but it did. I mean I still did it and I, you know, coached myself out of that place of fear, but there definitely is – but it was for that, it was never anything at a convention, so it was kind of a different circumstance.

Dom: And if that was the case then they’re not worth it.

Kat: Yeah, totally! Which is a huge part of it.

Dom: Why would you want to be a part of a production that doesn’t support that vulnerability? I think that’s exactly what this show has shown us as women, that it’s okay to be vulnerable and when you start realizing that and that you kind find strength in it and that there is power in speaking your truth.

Kat: Yeah.

Dom: Because so much of us…we’re so trying to present a certain part of ourself, which goes off what you’re saying right? Of like that that’s a negative so I’m just going to push all of that stuff out of the way and that’s what in turn, I think, causes so much mental health issues is not just accepting. Acceptance is such a big word for me, it’s constantly going “well this is present in me right now”, accept, address it, and then you can somehow find a way to move out of it. Where as if we’re constantly shoving one part of us aside, I think it’s actually extremely destructive you know?  Interesting.

[Audience applauds]

Moderator: Well, you know, your bring up an interesting point. As women, I think we do try to wear many hats, and you do worry a lot about, you know, whether your hire-able, whether you’re likable, whether you’re interesting enough, or you know. And the things that you determine aren’t good about yourself, you kind of push back a little bit right? You don’t want the world to see those because if they saw you and your vulnerability would they hire you? Would they want you around and it goes back to Wynonna Earp and why we think Wynonna Earp is so important because it shows women in lots of…being vulnerable, messing up, making poor choices, but being strong and that there’s multiple ways to be strong and I particularly liked the Jolene episode…

[Audience applauds]

Moderator: …because I, and I’m not alone, right? What we found interesting was that they chose Waverly to highlight Jolene. Jolene didn’t attack Wynonna, she didn’t attack Nicole, it was Waverly. And Waverly from the beginning is this ray of sunshine and she’s the good-girl and she pushes all that back to the background, but she was the one that was going to struggle with this demon, with depression so, you did a marvelous job.

Dom: Thank you.

Moderator: and highlighted some really important things for everyone, I think.

[Audience applauds and cheers]

Moderator: I think we can start to open the floor up for questions if you guys wanna line up, I’m sure you have some interesting questions for Wayhaught. While we’re doing that I will ask you something to kind of take us down into a different place. When you film scenes is there – when you get your script, do you look through the script and go “oh yes I get to film this kind of scene”? Like what kind of scene do you get most excited to film, is it a fight scene, is it the love scenes, is the like …you know? Or is it just the funny scenes, like with being Maeve or Gooverly.

Kat: They’re all different, they have their different…

Dom: By the way, that was great by the way, you doing Maeve.

Kat: Thanks.

Moderator: Yeah, Maeve. Right?

[Audience cheers]

Kat: I was terrified of that. Yeah.

Dom: Also, very sexy.

Kat: Really?!?!

Dom: Oh, when you got your boobs out, I was like “WHOA!”

Kat: My boobs looked good, I was like “they look good, those boobs”. Yeah.

Dom: They looked very good. Yeah, good for you.

Kat: They looked good, I was like “girls, well done”.


Kat: Um, I don’t know, I think every…for me, I love the comedy stuff it’s…I just, there’s something about it that makes me just so giddy and happy. But I love…every time I see…they’re all different. I would say the comedy stuff gets me the most excited, but I also really – I have to say like we didn’t get as many intimate Wayhaught scenes this season, and I did miss them. I missed that connection.

Audience member: Yeah.


Moderator: Did any of you guys miss those?

Kat: Did any of you guys miss that? I don’t know. I mean…

[Audience responds]

Kat: Yeah, I missed them, I felt like I didn’t get to work with you as much toward the end of the season cause the character…in different ways we did…

Dom: Different ways, yeah.

Kat: I like those, the beauty of the scenes, the purity of them is…

Dom: yeah.

Kat: …really magical to play.

Dom: Totally. I agree.

Dom: Hi, Annie.

Kat: Hey, Annie.

Questioner 1 (Annie): Hello.

Dom: Hello.

Questioner 1: Try not to make me cry this time, sorry. My question is for Kat and one of the things I wondered most about the finale is, what do you think Nicole’s reaction will be when she finds out that Waverly’s in the Garden, in this mystical, inaccessible place, well for most people. Because I think it would just – it breaks my heart to think about how devastated she’ll be, but at the same time, she’s gonna be determined and just “let’s go get her” so.

Kat: Absolutely, I think she’s going to be terrified. I think it’ll be terror and then immediately, in true Nicole fashion it’ll be, “what are we going to do about this? How do I help? How do I get her back? How do we figure this out?”. Yeah, I think it’s gonna be – I think loosing Waverly into the Garden is going to bring out a side of Nicole that we haven’t seen before, cause it’s the thing she loves the most in the world so. I think it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be fierce.

Dom: Where is Nicole?

Moderator: Wait where is she?

Kat: Good question. Nicole might be in the Garden too, we don’t know. With Jeremy and Robin, huddled in a corner under the trees. We don’t know, we don’t know. The three of us are somewhere and we could be split up, I have no idea.

Dom: Eeee, it’s exciting.

Questioner 1: Thank you.

Kat: Thanks, Annie.

Questioner 2: Hello.

Dom: Hello.

Kat: Hey.

Questioner 2: I had to write this one down. So why was it so easy for Waverly to welcome Mama and Julian back into her life, but hard for her to say the words “I love you” to Nicole and how…

Audience: ohhhhh

Kat: That’s a good question though.

Questioner 2: …and how does the not getting the reciprocated “I love you” make Nicole feel and knowing that like, Julian showed up and she’s like “hey dad” and Nicole has been like “I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you” and she’s like “okay”.


Kat: It’s a good question though. I think…you know.

Questioner 2: Thank you.

Dom: Well, just so you know, I don’t write the script.

Kat: Yeah.


Dom: Would be my first, initial response to that and sometimes I’d be like “I love you too. Uh, what?” in the scenes, no. I think that what was the first part? The first part was that I love you.

Questioner 2: It was that Mama came back and she was like “I wanna go see Mama” and then with Julian she was like immediately “he’s my dad, like let’s go on a picnic.” I don’t know.

Dom: Well, I mean you say that, I think that Waverly has been dreaming about her family since she was four years old about being reunited with the love of her life, which was her mother for so many years, so I think it’s natural in many ways for her to be – I think Waverly is somebody who has fantasized a lot about reuniting and what that’s gonna mean and everything and probably so much so that it’s actually quite negative for her because she had very high expectations about that sort of stuff. But when Mama came back it was like “okay, now we can just go back to how it always should have been” you know and I think she’s somebody who is extremely positive in that respect. In terms of not saying “I love you” back, I think it’s really…it was really hard for Waverly to… I don’t know, okay, oh god, what do I? How do I? At first I was like “why isn’t Waverly saying it back? This is so weird” I would have thought that Waverly absolutely would have said it back straight away, but I think it was a really really strong choice that Emily made that it was actually really hard for her and I think it has to do with actually finding it very difficult to accept that love from Nicole, rather than it being about her being able to say, I think it’s just like – I don’t know if anybody else has had this feeling like when you get complimented and you just like “blahhhh! *freeze*, I don’t know what to do” [more uncomfortable sound effects] and just like throw something random back at them. I think it came from that place, more than anything, which is just like this fear of by receiving that and saying it, I don’t know I just think that she struggles with having that amount of attention on her. But obviously I would have loved to have said it back, I’m not gonna lie, much earlier. But I think it was powerful when she did – it meant – it was when in mattered the most and she redeemed herself, wouldn’t you agree? I don’t know.

[Audience cheers]

Questioner 2: Alright. Thanks.

Moderator: Or she might have had a different love language.

Dom: Yeah. Yes! Also, good answer.

Questioner 3: I’m too tall for this. Um, hi. So first thing….

Dom: oooohhhhh, wow, you’re wearing the contact lenses.

Questioner 3: Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. I understand your pain, and oh my god.

Dom: Yeah, get them out.

Questioner 3: No, cause I gotta come get my selfie with you first.

Dom: They’re actually okay once got them in aren’t they? Like you feel – apparently it goes past your senses, which is kind of gross. But basically you have like eye senses…

Questioner 3: Yeah, cause you have to go like …

Dom: [talking at same time] and it goes like up and around.

Questioner 3:  [talking at same time] yeah, you have to like, taco fold them.

Dom: It’s really horrible.

Questioner 3: You do, you have to like – I watched youtube tutorials on it.

Dom: *clicking sound effect*

Questioner 3: Exactly you like all the way back up…

Dom: …all the way back. So gross.

Questioner 3: …then you like, peal down and then you like stick it in.

Kat: No.

Dom: Just make sure you don’t have them in for long cause genuinely can really mess up your eyes. You have to keep lubricating them.

Questioner 3: Well come get a photo with me, and the drink, this movie and then we can. So my legitimate question for both you two and then your characters, if you guys were arrested, with no explanation, what would friends’ and family’s assumptions be?

Audience: Ohhhh.

Kat: Good question.

Questioner 3: Looping it in…thank you. And then for Nicole, obviously we’re talking like Nedley and Wynonna and Waverly and Doc and that family. What would you guys be arrested for?

Dom: I’ve actually been arrested.

Kat: Good story.

[Audience cheers]

Questioner 3: Do tell.

Dom: I know. Unexpected.


Kat: I wondered if you were going to say anything, I was like “oh I hope she does”.

Dom: But it’s actually a really fascinating story that I won’t go into right now because it’s extremely long.

Audience: awwww.

Kat: Coles notes it, coles notes it.

Dom: It’s really hard to – I actually got framed.


Dom: And it actually ended up being one of the scariest most amazing experiences of my life. I got put into a cell for 48 hours and I had no idea why I was in there. And I was in there like freaking out just like hearing people coming down the corridor and like banging their heads on the door. I was like “what is happening? what is happening?” they wouldn’t tell me a single thing. I would like ring – there’s like a little bell in there – has anyone been to a cell? There’s a little bell and I kept ringing and the guy would come and I’d be like “you just have to, I’m so sorry, but you just have to like tell me”, I was just about to go into the Spice Girls musical and bearing in mind, I went in on the Friday night and I was so – there’s no clocks in there, there’s absolutely nothing in there so you have no idea what is going on and it’s just bright lights the entire time with no windows and so I had no idea how quickly or slowly time was passing and I was genuinely like “I’ve got to be in rehearsals on Monday morning and if I don’t turn up because I’m in a cell, I’m probably going to get fired.”. It was like one of the scariest things, there’s like a little bed, there’s a toilet in your room, there’s “Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?” written above your thing. And you’re just like “I feel sick and I’m tired and I feel sick and I’m tired, but I don’t know how to get our of here”. It was actually yeah, really really scary.

Kat: That’s like, my worst nightmare.

Questioner 3: This was supposed to be just a very comedic question…and it took a really dark turn.

Dom: I’m so sorry. I’m super sorry. But like telling my dad was like the scariest thing when I came out because I was like “no one’s going to believe me” it was like one of those situations that, yeah – oh god the story goes on and on. It’s really great, I love it, but yeah had like a proper “good cop, bad cop” interview, like the whole thing. Like, anyway, I got done for GBH, Grievous Bodily Harm. Yeah, so that was good.

Kat: Wait, you got “done for” I think, clarify that.

Dom: Sorry, that’s what I got released on bail.

Kat: For bodily harm?

Dom: Yeah.

Kat: Who harmed you?

Dom: I supposedly… no I harmed, apparently. All of them, like taken all of my clothes…

Questioner 3: She’s saying like, she committed an assault.

Dom: Yeah, yeah, but I didn’t! I promise I didn’t.

Kat: Yeah, I just… that’s what I wanted you to – she didn’t, it was a mistake.

Questioner 3: So if you were to be arrested…for something you legitimately would have done, what Dominique, would you have been arrested for? And then Waverly and Nicole as well.

Dom: Okay…

Kat: You know what? I know mine. Mine’s going to be my temper for sure.

Audience: *gasps*

Kat: I really I hate, I have a really hard time with authority. Which is probably why I don’t do so well, like I’m not very good with working in the system I think that’s why I’m in the right industry. I have a bit of a like – if an authority figure pushed me or did something that I found incredibly unjust I think I would just lose it. Yeah.

Audience member: We got your back.

Kat: Thank you.

Dom: I really don’t know, I really don’t know. [To Kat] What do you think I would do?

Audience: protest!

Kat: Protesting, yeah. Protesting.

Dom: Yes. Activism.

Kat: Activism, for sure.

Dom: hehe.

Kat: Your’s is so good, mine’s just childish.

Moderator: I know, I feel like you need to come back on the podcast now.

Dom: I know, too many stories not enough time.

Dom: Hi love.

Questioner 4: Hello. What does a Wayhaught wedding look like to you guys?

Dom: Awww.


Kat: Where…we…

Dom: We’ve talked about it.

Kat: We talked about it. We said it would be intimate and small with just our kind of closest friends and family on the Homestead probably.

Dom: Yup.

Kat: And I think…

Dom: Lots of fairy lights.

Kat: Yeah.

Dom: Yeah.

Kat: Yeah, I think it would be really beautiful, but I think it would be really intimate. Then we’d go somewhere really fun for our honeymoon.

Dom: Do you think it would be outside though, in the cold?

Kat: No, I think we’d do it in the Spring.


Dom: Because there are other months, you’re right.

Kat: There are.

Dom: You’re right, I forgot that there are other months.

Kat: Yeah and Waverly would have like a big bouquet of wildflowers or something.

Dom: Have you read the news about Calgary?

Kat: Yeah, it’s snowing.

Dom: Already.

Kat: It snowed…

Dom: And it’s going to be the worst winter on record.


Dom: Good.

Kat: Good.

Questioner 4: Thank you.

Kat: Thank you.

Moderator: Calgary is really cold.

Dom: It is really cold.

Moderator: But at least they got you kind of warmer clothes the last couple of seasons.


Kat: Well especially Dom, my god…

Moderator: Especially her.

Kat: The girl’s in like a belly shirt and skirt. I still remember that night where you had the skull, your “heroes always win” moment and I remember thinking, “she must be so cold”.  I felt so bad for you.

Dom: I was so cold. I was so cold.

Kat: But this year, you’re going to buy?

Dom: Electric socks.


Dom: Very excited about this. Kat’s been trying to make me buy them for like two years, like “Dom” – I have Raynaud’s. Does anyone have Raynaud’s here?

Audience member: Yup.

Dom: Heeey! Who’s my Raynaud’s  friend? Yay, Raynaud’s , it’s the worst. Am I right? Raynaud’s is like extreme um…

Kat: Circulation.

Dom: Circulation problems so that your blood doesn’t go to your extremities and they go completely yellow and like you can stick pins in, you can’t even feel it. Good times. It’s the worst. And then it comes back and it’s so painful. Anyway so I’m getting some electric socks, good times. Good stories. Let’s go, continue.


Dom: Hello.

Questioner 5: Hello. I’m new here.

Dom and Kat: Hi, welcome.

Questioner 5: It’s more of a [comment]. You have helped me come out my shell from being lonely and stuff and that is my [comment]. **transcriber’s note, wording changed for clarity**

Dom and Kat: Awww, thank you so much.

Kat: That’s beautiful.

[Audience applauds]

Volunteer: She just wanted y’all to know that because you’ve been so open and honest with yourselves and because you share so much with us that it’s really helped her to kind of start hiding less about herself and do things like coming to a convention, so she wanted to say ‘thank you’.

Dom: Yay.

Kat: Thats awesome. Welcome!

Dom: Welcome to the family.

[Audience applauds and cheers]

Questioner 6: I’m short.


Dom: Story of my life.

Questioner 6: Hi guys. So I kind of also on that and what you guys kind of talked about already, you guys have been sharing about your mental health and personal journeys a lot, especially in the last few months. Has it changed anything about your experience for the last couple of Cons and this one, after like knowing that people you’re meeting have been affected by your stories and inspired by them? And now that Dom, your dad saw that kind of at EarperCon, has that changed anything for this con?

Dom: Aw, that’s a lovely question. Thank you. Ohh, and straight away, my dad comes up and I just – all the tears.


Dom: Oh dear. Yeah, EarperCon was like a big deal for me, the fact that my dad was there was like so intense. Kat witnessed me have like a little mini-breakdown before hand and after.  But yeah, to tell you the truth, EarperCon was like a huge breakthrough and I was like “I got cons down, I’m gonna use my meditation and it’s all gonna be great” and then yesterday I was like so nervous and today, super nervous. And so it’s like, I think it’s a shame because I thought I had it all figured out, you know? But I think being honest about that is important to, that it comes in waves and sometimes you have better days than others, and sometimes your nerves and self-doubt and all that stuff affects you more for various different reasons. But I think just the very fact that I’ve started being more open about all of those things is going to be extremely, extremely helpful and um hearing that people were – that the podcast that I did with Bonnie really spoke to people was, ah, it was so comforting in a way that I never expected. And absolutely moving forward, I think that being more honest and open, having these conversations is the way forward. So yeah, thank you for your question, that’s really lovely.

[Audience applauds]

Questioner 7: How do you adjust this? Sorry. Did you, going into this, did you ever expect that – kind of coming off the last question – did you expect that the reaction to the characters, to this relationship would be what it is and that it would get the attention that it has. And end up on all these lists of – cause they’re on these lists of like the best tv couples and whatever. Did you ever expect that or was that completely unexpected when that happened.

Kat: When that happened. It’s a great question. I mean the quick answer is “no”, I had no idea that – I mean this is beyond crazy – I have this moment every time we do one of these, this moment of like “I cannot believe we’re sitting in this room with this community” and everything that’s grown out of this whole show, but especially for Wayhaught I just I knew it was special and I had never done anything that felt so honest and real before so I just had no idea that people would react to it so strongly the way that everyone has. What about you?

Dom: Yeah, similarly, really I, right from the get-go when that first scene came up and I was like “oh my god people really like this”. Yeah, it’s completely blown me away and it continues to, like you say it’s hard to put into words what it feel like being up here. If any one of you guys was up here, I think you’d be like “what this is crazy, why are so many people looking at me?” and I think it will continue to be like that right until the end. Yeah, thank you so much for your question.

Questioner 7: You’re welcome.

Questioner 8: Alright, okay you can hear me.

Dom: [sinister voice]  Mictian **sometimes spelled Mikshun**

Questioner 8: Yes, he is back. I’m totally for Willa being in the Garden of Eden if that happens. Hope she’s okay. So first I just wanted to say that, Dom, you seem like the kind of person who has a story for literally every scenario that someone can think of, which is a great person to be. And my question is a little more light hearted so I think it might be a good ending note, if you guys could have control of any episode in Season 4, like you just got to make your own episode, what would you do?


Kat: Wow. Good question.

Dom: *laughs* God that’s such a…

Kat: I would do the Hawaii episode, no. I don’t trust myself to even answer this question.

Dom: I know, me too.

Kat: Because it’s like nothing I could ever think of, I think, would ever be better than what our writers would do, but for Nicole I would like to see her rage out a little bit in some capacity. I really want to see what that other side of her looks like, because there’s just no way that she can be that good and that together and calm all the time.

Questioner 8: Yeah, as a psychologist, same here.

Kat: Yeah, Yeah I wanna see what that looks like. So that would be mine for Nicole. I guess it wasn’t Nicole specific, but…

Dom: Gosh, I don’t know. [Singing] ummmm, Say anything, Say something, Umm. [not singing] Yeah, I’m hearing a lot of musical, I’m hearing a lot of that.

[Audience cheers]

Dom: I feel like I would like to direct the girls in a girl band in the show. Like Waverly’s like [in Waverly’s accent] “Guys, I got a really good idea” and they’re like “really, Waves?”, I’m like “there’s a competition, let’s do it”.


Kat: That’s a great idea. I love that. Maybe it’s like on Guitar Hero where you know how you’re playing Guitar Hero and all the things are coming at you? Maybe it’s like a singing version of that, where it’s our power and we have to like sing our way…


Dom: What?!

Kat: Like that’s how we fight. I don’t know, I’m thinking like…wow that was like really internal geek, Katherine brain going on. But you know what I mean?

Dom: No, but I like it.

Kat: Like that turns into you use the sound for some sort of weapon.

Audience member: Is Emily here?

Dom: *laughs*

Kat: I don’t know, could be kind of fun right?

Dom: Yeah, yeah, sure. No, yeah.

Kat: Yeah.

Dom: I don’t fully understand, cause I don’t think…

Kat: like a singing battle, but it’s actually a battle.

Dom: It’s just actually a battle. So we fight with our vocal?

Kat: Yeah.

Dom: Okay. I like it, yeah. I can get behind it, I can totally get behind it.

Questioner 8: Sounds like a Grease fight. Sounds like from musical Grease basically.

Kat: Yeah. sure.

Questioner 9: So there’s like different kinds of vulnerability in this show, like you play the intimate scenes, you play the fear of losing someone or dying yourself and you know, the Jolene depression scene. Does that all kind of come, do you think, from the same headspace for you to be able to play with that seriousness and as I guess commitment? Or do you think it kind of takes a different sort of energy or motive, I guess?

Dom: Which bit specifically?

Questioner 9: Comparing the different kinds of vulnerability that you need…

Dom: Oh I see what you’re saying.

Questioner 9: …like fear versus the intimacy and all that. Does that kind of – is there different levels of how hard it is to hit those notes?

Kat: Oh definitely.

Dom: Yeah. Me personally, I often use a lot of my own experience in the vulnerability stuff, which I know is not the same for every actor, sometimes it can be not the most healthy thing to do, I would say. Would you agree with that?

Kat: um hm, yup.

Dom: But I find it very hard to disconnect from myself sometimes or I think that by adding a bit of my own experience into that really helps me connect with Waverly and speak from a very truthful place. So in turn the bits that I, Dominique, would find harder being vulnerable, I consequentially find harder playing Waverly, if that makes sense. And it always sits in a completely different place for me and depending on the stuff like how I, Dominique, react in different situations, whether it be that I find it hard being intimate or whatever it might be – I’m not going to tell you the reals answers – but yeah, those are the bits that I have to work harder to connect with in a way. Does that make sense?

Questioner 9: yeah.

Dom: [to Kat] How ’bout you?

Kat: I think for me it depends on the scene, but it really depends on the day. Some days I’m just feeling super emotional and some days I’m not and so I think different, definitely different scenes and what they require you tap into different stuff. Sometimes it’s just like a physical thing, sometimes it’s recalling a memory from my life, for sure I do that too. So it depends, but really for me it’s so day dependent too. Sometimes it’s not as accessible.

Dom: Totally.

Kat: And instead of like beating yourself up, you’ve just got to find another way, cause you don’t have time.

Dom: Yeah.

Kat: Yeah.

Questioner 9: Thank you.

Kat and Dom: Thank you.

Moderator: We have time for one more quick question.

Questioner 10: So mine goes with the San Diego Comic Con question that you got Dom. Did you instantly think of the Truth or Dare question when you were asked…


Questioner 10: …or was that…

Kat: Oh! Yeah.

Dom: Oh god. What a way to end the panel guys. Really appreciate it.

[Audience cheers]

Dom: I love how you’re not even going to listen, you’re like “I don’t even need the answer” that was it, it was just like ‘mic drop’ and leave.


Dom: I actually got asked that question in the interview, that’s the reason why it came to me and I was like “oh no, I know the answer to this. damn it, why did I get asked this question?” because I say it in Allison’s interview.

Kat: What?

Dom: What?


Dom: Yeah, Allison in the – what’s it called?

Kat: In the behind the scenes stuff?

Dom: Yeah.

Kat: The EPK stuff?

Dom: EPK stuff. She asks that question. Do you not remember?

Kat: She asked if we get turned on when we kiss?


[Audience cheers]

Kat: [to Questioner 10] Is that what you were talking about? Oh, okay.

Dom: Noooo, guys. Nooo. Oh god. She asked – what was the question I got asked in the truth and dare? What did I get asked though?

Kat: no, you had to ask any cast member a question…

Dom: Did I?

Kat: We were at Comic Con doing an interview for Syfy or…

Dom: No, wait wait wait, there is something in this you guys. So what she asked me….What?!

Kat: Who is “she”?


Kat: The question was…

Dom: Okay, guys come one, whoa whoa whoa. Whoooa whoooa whoa. I’m gonna get this out properly. So…

Audience member: You got this.

Dom: Thank you, I do got this. So, in that truth or dare thing, it was “ask a question that you…

[Lots of Audience input about “you’ve always wanted to ask a coworker”]

Dom: Something along those lines, yeah. And then that question was in the EPK interview.

Kat: ohhhh.

Dom: Do you not remember?

Kat: I don’t remember, no.


Dom: Well…

Kat: I don’t remember a lot of things that I do, so.

Dom: Allison asked me and the first thing that came to my head was that, but it took a while.

Kat: So did you answer that to Allison and then you did it again on the…

Dom: Well I answered it to Allison and then of course then that was the only thing that I had in my head at the thing so then I was like *uncomfortable sound effects* and I asked it again in front of you! Which was the worst move ever!

Kat: *laughs*

[Audience applauds]

Dom: And the minute it came out, I was like “(uncomfortable sound effect) swallow myself into the ground” because I think that I said to Allison, “don’t put that on – don’t release that”. So I don’t think it ever came out, did it come out?

Audience: No.

Dom: So she listened to me, sweetheart. And, uh, that was the end of the story. Sooo….

Kat: Don’t be embarrassed, I really don’t want you to be embarrassed. It’s so not anything to be embarrassed about.

Dom: Well it’s like the only – like what else are you supposed ask during that question? Like “one thing that you’ve never asked anyone” I always ask everyone everything.

Kat: Yeah.

Dom: Do you know what I mean?

Kat: I don’t know what I would have asked.

Dom: I’m just super open and honest. Yeah.

Kat: Yeah.

Dom: It’s a hard question think of on the spot.

Kat: But I hope you don’t feel embarrassed, like please let that go.

Jerk in Audience: Dom needs to answer!!

Me: [desperately] NO! No.

Dom: No.


Moderator: Alright. So that’s the Wayhaught panel.

[Audience cheers]

Moderator: But before we go I just want to say, you both said at one point in interviews and different things that there were moments before you got cast on Wynonna Earp where you felt like you wanted to give up, where you felt like you weren’t sure that this was where your life was going to be headed. And I’d like to say, personally from me, from all 500 people here, and the hundreds of thousands of people around the world, we are so glad you did not.

[Audience applauds and cheers]

Moderator: Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Kat Barrell!

Dom: And Bonnie Farrar.

Kat: And Bonnie.

Dom: Thanks guys.

[End of transcript]

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